Donation Information

Hey everyone,

So with donations, we have not setup automatic donation credit transfers so we can physically verify each donation.

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Zone 6 Pet Giveaway

Hey everyone,

Welcome all beta testers. So far we have had a wonderful beta season getting everything tweaked and fixed so the server can become the best it can be.

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3rd Classes Live Beta

Welcome to the update on live beta of our 3rd class jobs. During this time there will be some gradual edits/ buffs/ nerfs/ and general reconstruction of the 3rd classes to be as balanced in the server as possible. 

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Monthly MVP Ladder Rewards

Hey everyone!

We are glad everyone is enjoying going out there and killing those sweet MVP's and as we see it really can pay off be it cards, good gear, or MVP LADDER REWARDS!!!!!

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Welcome Everyone

Welcome to the reopening of the awesome Pegasus RO server, that was temporarily closed due to a major hack. So yea we will try and do better, and have setup proper securities to stop from this ever happening again. Read more in the link below!