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Updates for 02-18-2019

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Hey everyone, We have a lot in this weeks updates. We hope you enjoy all the hard work we are putting into this server to make it as enjoyable as we can for you. So lets get started with the updates!

What we have fixed:

  • Angra Manyu and Ahura Mazda will not be usable in the MVP room up until level 8. Level 8 of each MVP room allows angra and ahura.
    • Angra Manyu and Ahura Mazda will not be usable in PVP or GVG maps
    • Angra Manyu now gives +200% MATK for magic users
      • PS: This bonus MATK will not show in the Status window. It is just applied.
  • The Biolab 4 Nightmare quest that was not letting people complete the quest even if they had all the correct items has been fixed. You are now able to make the costume bunny goggles with the Sniper goggles as the base.
  • WOE times are set to sunday from 12pm game time to 4pm game time
    • More slots will open up once we have more guilds participating in guild vs guild wars
  • Mob HP is now displayed in % value and Digits
    • Example of digits: (400/450)
  • If you purchase a VIP pass then your character slots go from 9 available to 15 available
    • When your VIP status expires then those slots are re-locked, and will not open until you buy back your VIP status. 
      • The characters made in those slots will not disappear. They will simply be in idle until you gain VIP status again.
  • Fixed the www. protocal for our website. So now you may use www.pegasusro.com, or www.pegasusro.tk.
    • we use .com and .tk which both point to the same thing so they can be used interchangeably.
  • Fixed a few positions of NPC's in prontera to better organize the shops on the map
  • Powerspell now has the slots available. (They were always suppose to be available)

What we have added:

  • Added a few more usable shops in the mall
    • implemented more usable items in some of the shops.
      • Check out the usable shop on the top left of the mall
  • Put a few more costumes you all may love in the vote for points shop in the mall.
    • Including a bunny that follows you!!!!!
  • Added a VIP subscription buyer which is located in the top right middle area of prontera 
    • You can purchase for 1 day(24 hours)(100 cash points), 1 week(7 days)(700 cash points) or 1 month (30 days)(2000 cash points)

  • Implemented 2 new instance quests. 
    • Cursed Blacksmith
      • This quest will have you going to days 🙂
      • Start of the quest is at a bar in the city of Lighthalzen (@go 20)
      • Talk to the bartender in the bar to start the quest.
        • Location: Warp to Lighthalzen, and walk straight up into the big building directly north of the warp. Once inside you will walk to the right into a warp which will bring you to the bar. The bartender is behind the bar in a black vest.


    • Bloody Knight
      • Located in the town of Hugel (@go 22) (114, 167)
        • Warp to Hugel and walk a little north until you see a NPC in a White outfit next to the bridge and river
      • Team oriented battle royal
      • First team to earn the most points by being close to and fighting the bloody knight wins
      • Teams of 5
      • Winning team can earn event coins
      • Losing team still earns event coins (Lower amount)

    • The Rift
      • This quest is more like an event quest, The rift will open randomly spawning very powerful monsters.
      • Once you have entered the rift, and killed all the monsters you can you will be rewarded by out Drifter rifter npc in Prontera
      • Location is : Prontera (@go 0) (139, 144) 
        • warp to Prontera and walk south and he will be towards the left side under a tree halfway down.

  • Added the bloody brancher which can be found in Nifleheim (@go 13) in location (193,186)
    • If you want to find your current location on a map use this command (/where)
    • Location of the npc is in the middle of the map near the warper.
    • She will trade 150 dead branches for 1 bloody branch that spawns 1 random MVP mob


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