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  • PegasusRO Small Client By Clockwork

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    This is the small client for Pegasus RO
    Instructions on how to install this file can be found here :

    Quick Guide: Install the lite installer into the kro folder we just downloaded(Click The big green download button to the right.)(YOU MUST HAVE AN ACCOUNT IN FORUMS FIRST!!!!) It will prompt you to run the patcher. If it errors disregard the error and run the patcher manually from the desktop icon that was made.  Install updated kro version from here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b9WRKGBZx-6BnRUyq6EW9gKgudL_r5KB/view (THIS IS THE KRO NOT THE SMALL INSTALLER) You will need to unzip this file. Unzip this file in a different folder then the small installer first Once the file has been extracted, open the folder and copy all the files inside. Once done you will need to locate where you installed the Lite installer Once you have found the folder paste the KRO installation inside the Lite PegasusRO installer folder If you are promted to overwrite a file just skip this process DO NOT OVERWRITE ANYTHING JUST SKIP if you did not listen to the previous steps then just redo the whole process again so you may not run into any issues in the future Run the "rsu-kro-renewal-lite.exe" and "Setup.exe" files in that order. Run the PegasusRO Patcher.exe file Play the game
  • PegasusRO Full Install (ZIP format) By Clockwork

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    This is the full installation of the Pegasus RO server. All you have to do is right click, or double click to unzip the file in your desired destination on your hard drive (normally in the Programs Files folder). After make a shortcut for your setup, and PegasusRO Patcher.exe files to your desktop Run the setup file to get dimensions correct for your screen resolution. Run the patcher (do this every time to start the game so you will never have issues with new items) Play the game 🙂

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