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Grab a Loyal Player Reward!

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Hey everyone,

We have released a Loyal Pegasus Player Reward. So if you have an account made before right now, then you are eligible for a Loyal Pegasus Player Reward. You can only get 1 reward per account. So using multiple characters on the same account will not get you the reward again. Sorry!

This NPC can be found in the middle of Niflheim. The npc's name is  "Ghostly Rewarder". The location is just north west of the warp to Niflheim. The coordinates are (180, 204)


PS: You can use /where to find your current location

PS: You can use @go by itself to see a list of the town warps and their respective number id for @go



What is in this Loyal Pegasus Player Rewards?

You get:

x1 Box of Battle Manuals (x5 in the box)

x1 Box of Bubble Gum (x5 in the box)

x1 Costume Spirit of Green Maiden

description.GIF.7408772b6d5b6593d9287c0e78c4ac47.GIF           1071225659_greenmaiden.GIF.566933a40e3ce5dff4bbd8f571500994.GIF


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