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WoE Times and Castles

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Hey everyone,

I have come up with a nice schedule for WoE on Sundays. We will have 2 times on sunday that WoE will take place, and we have split up the castles that will be open during those times. So more people will have chances of getting in on WoE.

Times that we will have WoE are in game time. to find out what time it is in the game simply type @time

Sundays at 12:00PM - 2:00PM

  • Prontera Castles:
    • Kriemhild (prtg_cas01)
    • Swanhild (prtg_cas02) (Closed for now)
    • Fadhgridh (prtg_cas03) (Closed for now)
    • Skoegul (prtg_cas04) (Closed for now)
    • Gondul (prtg_cas05) (Closed for now)
  • Geffen Castles:
    • Repherion (gefg_cas01) 
    • Eeyolbriggar (gefg_cas02) (Closed for now)
    • Yesnelph (gefg_cas03) (Closed for now)
    • Bergel (gefg_cas04) (Closed for now)
    • Mersetzdietz (gefg_cas05) (Closed for now)
  • Rachel Castles:
    • Mardol (arug_cas01) 
    • Cyr (arug_cas02)(Closed for now)
    • Horn (arug_cas03)(Closed for now)
    • Gefn (arug_cas04)(Closed for now)
    • Bandis (arug_cas05)(Closed for now)

Sundays at 1:00AM - 3:00 AM

  • Payon Castles:
    • Bright Arbor (payg_cas01)
    • Scarlet Palace (payg_cas02)(Closed for now)
    • Holy Shadow (payg_cas03)(Closed for now)
    • Sacred Altar (payg_cas04)(Closed for now)
    • Bamboo Grove Hill (payg_cas05)(Closed for now)
  • Al De Baron Castles:
    • Neuschwanstein (aldeg_cas01)
    • Hohenschwangua (aldeg_cas02)(Closed for now)
    • Nuernberg (aldeg_cas03)(Closed for now)
    • Wuerzburg (aldeg_cas04)(Closed for now)
    • Rothenburg (aldeg_cas05)(Closed for now)
  • Yuno Castles:
    • Himinn (schg_cas01)
    • Andlangr (schg_cas02)(Closed for now)
    • Viblainn (schg_cas03)(Closed for now)
    • Hljod (schg_cas04)(Closed for now)
    • Skidbladnir (schg_cas05)(Closed for now)


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