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Daily Rewards

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~~~~~~~ Available Now ~~~~~


Hey everyone,

We have been working on a daily rewards system, and here it is. You will get your reward once per day only after staying logged in for at least 60 minutes.

Your rewards will be automatically awarded you once the 60 minute time has passed.

You will only get the reward if you are active for the hour online. The timer stops if you afk for too long, or are not responsive in game for too long to prevent merchants with shops open from abusing the daily rewards system.

You can check how much more time you need to stay logged in to collect your reward by saying either of these commands in the chat box.


Here is a list of things you will get every day that you login (PS: even if you skip a day of playing the rewards for your next day will stay the same)


Regular Daily Rewards:

Day 1: Battle Manual 50%

Day 2:  x3 Yggdrasil Berry

Day 3: x3 Old Purple boxes

Day 4: 10,000 Zeny

Day 5:  x1 Old Card Album

Day 6: 2 Token of Siegfried

Day 7: x1 Job Battle Manual 150%

Day 8: 10,000 Zeny & x1 Bloody Branch

Day 8: x1 Convex Mirror

Day 9: x3 Bubble Gum

Day 10: x1 Earth Converter Box (10pc)

Day 11: x4 Yggdrasil Berries

Day 12: x2 Token of Siegfried

Day 13: x2 Old Card Album

Day 14: x1 Big Defence Potion Box (10pc)

Day 15: x1 Wind Converter Box (10pc)

Day 16: x4 Bubble Gum

Day 17: 10,000 Zeny & 2 Bloody Branches

Day 18: x1 Big Magic Defence Potion Box (10pc)

Day 19: x2 Convex Mirrors

Day 20: x1 Flame Converter Box (10pc)

Day 21: x20 Dead Branches

Day 22: x6 Yggdrasil Berries

Day 23: x3 Bloody Branches

Day 24: x6 Bubble Gum

Day 25: x1 Water Converter Box (10pc)

Day 26: x1 Mystic Card Album

Day 27: 1,000,000 Zeny

Day 28: x1 Bag of Credits (100 Cash Points)



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