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Updates for 02-24-2019

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Hey you all,

I am back again with a few more updates that has been added to the game!

Daily Rewards:

  • We have added daily rewards, which will automatically give you your reward for the day after an hour of active play.
  • Read more about it here Click Me For Forums Topic

Party EXP Share

  • The max level a player can be from other party members to be able to share exp was increased from 15 level difference to 50 level difference.
  • This should help with leeching and leveling alts easier

WoE Times

  • We are still testing the best WoE times, and the amount of castles open
  • Read more here: Click me for more info


  • This command allows you to make a list of items in your storage so you do not have to reopen your storage to see how many of that item you have left.
  • List is cleared upon log off
  • type @restock to see your list of items you added, along with the remaining amount in your storage
  • type @restock (item ID) to add the item
  • This is good for those who use lots of usable items, and want to keep track of how many they have as they are farming, leveling, or mobbing

Kafra Added in Event Room

  • We have added a kafra employee in the event room, so you can now save your location in there to be able to have a more convenient time playing in the event room. 

MVP Ladder

  • There has been a MVP ladder npc that has been added that records the amount of MVP's you kill (outside of the mvp room)
  • Every kill gives a chance to get a MVP coin
    • These coins can soon be used to exchange for costumes, event coins, and event cash point bags! (Bag of credits)
  • You can see your current ranking at the ranker in alberta.
    • She can be found in coordinates (alberta 179, 140)
    • PS: Use /where to find where you are on a map


MVP Coin Exchanger:

  • This exchanger will take your Golden MVP Coins that are randomly dropped by all MVP's at a 10% chance that are not in the MVP room, but still out in field
    • Example: A Turtle general in turtle dungeon will drop a MVP coin at 10% chance, but the turtle general in the MVP room will not.
    • The conversion is 10% drop of the coin
    • The exchanger will exchange your MVP coins for event coins, or bags of credits. (Soon there will be a Mega Prize for the exchanger)
      • Conversion is: 20 Coins for 1 Event coin~~~~~~~~200 Coins for 1 Bag of Credits (Worth 100 cash points)
  • This npc is located directly next to the MVP ladder npc in alberta
    • Coordinates are: alberta 176,140


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