Hey everyone! We are back with a few new cash shop items along with a sale on regular cash shop items that will get you all happy inside! So lets get started on some of these new items: Drooping Dorasuke (2500 Cash Points) All Stats +25 Gives the ability to use level 5 Soul Expansion (Warlock Skill) Cheshire Ears (2500 Cash Points) +5 Perfect Dodge +120 Flee +20 Critical +30 Dex If AGI is greater then 199 then:  Gain level 3 Cloak skill Neko Mimi Cyber Headphones (2500 Cash Points) All Stats +25 Gain level 5 Steal skill Cat Ears Cape (1000 Cash Points) All stats +15 When warn with Monochrome Ribbon Hat +10 AGI Gain level 3 Cloak Skill Monochrome Ribbon Hat (2500 Cash Points) All Stats +30 When warn with Cat Ears Cape +10 Dex +15 Flee     Lets check out our new Sale!!!!! The sale associates can be found in the town of Ayothaya (type @go 18) Regular Cash Shop Sale Associate (153,118): Angra Manyu (800c) (20% off) Ahura Mazdah (800c) (20% off) Battle Manual (x300%) (250c) (50% off) Field Manual Box (5) (250c) (50% off) Mjolnir (800c) (20% off) Heroic Backpack (500c) ((30% off)) Wings Sale Associate (153,112): Freyas Great Sword (1800c) (10% off) White Sage Ring (1800c) (10% off) Kuroyukihime Wings (1600c) (20% off) Fallen Ghost (1700c) (15% off) Fire Spirit (1500c) (25% off) Green Flame (1800c) (10% off) Gold Flame (1800c) (10% off) U&L Sale Associate (146,112) : Orbs of Survival (800c) (20% off) Valkyrie Randgris Helm (2000c) ((NEW)) Navi Guard (800c) (20% off) Half Angel Lighthalzen Aura (800c) (20% off) Half Demon Lighthalzen Aura (800c) (20% off) Ying Yang Aura (800c) (20% off) Bunny Hat (1600c) (20% off) Dull Seracillas Ribbon (2000c) (25% off)