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Armor Refining

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Hello everyone, today I'm going to break down the ways to refine your armor.

Armors: These are upgraded using Elunium or enriched Elunium (shown below) and zeny, copious amounts of zeny.

o9n4op.png fvfnzk.png

There are two routes here, if you are going to be going past +5  go to section B below, however if you only need a plus 5, follow section A.

SECTION A: Head over to @go 0, from here walk east 21 spaces, then south 8 spaces you will appear shown below, click on the circled npc, choose the gear you would like to upgrade and go till +5, keep in mind, going from +4 to +5 is dangerous, but not very. Just keep in mind YOU CAN LOSE YOU ITEMS!!!

Along with the NPC i will be listing the normal refine success rates here.

oqegsj.png 14cwcav.png


SECTION B: Hello there risky  refiner! Here I will be showing you where you can refine gears using your Enriched Elunium to get past the +5 at better rates below will be the (on the left) regular Elunium rates, and (on the right) Enriched Elunium rates.

Regular14cwcav.png   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2rfvbs1.png ENRICHED

How to get there: Head to your local Warper and click Towns, then head to Malangdo. Now head to the picture below (circled on minimap)


Who to talk to: If you need to get to +4 or +5 talk to this guy ~29546fc.png~

However, if you want to just use that Enriched Elunium talk to this guy ~xnaoev.png~


From here you are ready to chase those +10's armors you have always dreamed about!

Will update as any new items for refining come out!





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