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Cash Shop Sale

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Hey you all!
We have decided to have a small sale on a few items in the cash shop with the release of our new Felinus line of cash shop items. 

Felinus is a set of upper head gears that gives you a unique hair, ear, and pony tail. Some colors have PVP effects on them, and some give custom skills. Enjoy the world of Felinus! Read more in this weeks updates HERE!

Location of the cash sale shops are in ayothaya (right at the warp)(@go 18)
So lets check out what we have in each of our 4 Cash sale item shops.

  • Felinus Sale Associate (146,118):
    • Sells the Felinus released items. This is only way to get these items at this moment. Read more about them in this weeks updates HERE.
  • Regular Cash Shop Sale Associate (153,118):
    • Angra Manyu (800c) (20% off)
    • Ahura Mazdah (800c) (20% off)
    • Battle Manual (x300%) (250c) (50% off)
    • Field Manual Box (5) (250c) (50% off)
    • Megingjard (800c) (20% off)
    • Heroic Backpack (300c) ((NEW))
  • U&L Sale Associate (146,112) :
    • Flying Sheep (1000c) ((NEW))
    • Valkyrie Randgris Helm (2000c) ((NEW))
    • Navi Guard (1000c) ((NEW))
    • Half Angel Lighthalzen Aura (800c) (20% off)
    • Half Demon Lighthalzen Aura (800c) (20% off)
    • Ying Yang Aura (800c) (20% off)
    • Hokage Hat (1600c) (20% off)
    • Harlequin Hat (1700c) (15% off)
  • Wings Sale Associate (153,112):
    • Black Dragon Wings (1800c) (10% off)
    • Power Spell (1800c) (10% off)
    • Emerald Wings (1600c) (20% off)
    • Fallen Ghost (1700c) (15% off)
    • Fire Spirit (1500c) (25% off)
    • Green Flame (1800c) (10% off)
    • Gold Flame (1800c) (10% off)

Enjoy this sale for the next week!


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