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Analyze Eye Costume Quest

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Hey everyone,

We have the first of our many MVP coin quests that will utilize those MVP coins you have been getting around the server.

So we have our Future quest that will give you the Costume Analyze Eye at the end



So to locate this quest please head to the town of Lighthalzen (@go 20)

Then head left along the path (North West) until you get to the end of the grass path, and you get to an intersection of another path.

The quest npc (Professor Butte) is located at the corner of this grass path under the shade of some trees. (lighthalzen,111,144)

NOTE: To check your current location use the /where command


We can see this location on the minimap here:


The items that are required to get this item are:

150x Evil Horns

150x Little Evil Horns

20x Baphomet Dolls

20x Osiris Doll

50x Golden MVP Coins






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