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Updates for 03-28-2019

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Hey everyone,

Just like normal I will go on the run down of what we have been working on, what we have fixed, and what is to come.

What we have fixed:

  • Fixed a few MVP locations for the MVP ladder so now they will count.
    • If you find that you kill an MVP that is naturally spawned (not through events), then please post a topic explaining which MVP's you killed that did not count, along with the map name (PS: To find where you currently are in game just use /where)
    • These new MVP spawns will also be able to now drop MVP coins
  • We have fixed the restriction issue in PVP and MVP room
    • PVP will not allow custom weapons and gear buyable in cash shop
    • (Angra Manyu[P], Ahura Mahzda[P], Sleipnir[P], Megingjard[P], Mjolnir[P], Bresingjard[P])
    • MVP room does not allow the Angra Manyu and Ahura Mahzda in floors 1-7 of each MVP arena room.
    • Room 8 (Top Floor) allows both to be used.
  • We have Fixed the sprite location issue with Heroic Backpack.
    • It will now be visible in the correct place (Not on the chest but on the back)
  • We have fixed the stats for Angra Manyu to give MATK and ATK at the correct rates
    • We have also fixed the card slot bug so now you are able to slot your angra manyu
  • Level Up Box that has been dropping along with the Advanced Weapons Box has been disabled.
    • You can still use the advanced weapons box, but you will not receive a level up box along with a weapon when opened.
  • Fixed the map spawns, mob spawns, and warps for the new pubg event map.

What we have added:

  • We have introduced our new PUBG style event
    • Allows players to join, and play a battle royale style event that will surely excite those who like battle Royale style games.
    • Best of both worlds. RO and battle royale.
  • We have added a new Low Rate Server (Server Odin)
    • Currently in Open Beta. So jump in and tell us what you want and don't want in the new server.
    • We want this low rate server to be catered to those who contribute ideas.

What we are working on:

  • We are currently working on our Cedi Script System (can be previewed on other big servers that shall not be named)(just do a google search to see what the basic cedi system is)
  • We are working on new items to compete with the angra manyu for other classes
    • Ranged and books
  • New season of custom items will be rolling out soon.
  • Haha 1

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