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Drooping Dragon Skull Helm

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Hey Everyone,

Here is a guide on how to make the new Drooping Dragon Skull Helm


First some stats on the Drooping Dragon Skull Helm:

  • Max HP + 10%
  • HP Recovery Rate +25%
  • Adds 9% chance to drain 20% of damage dealt and regain it as HP
  • Increases damage to all races by 50%

Next lets talk about how to make this amazing helm!

  • First off you start out journey in the town of Prontera (@go 0).


  • We will go a little south from warp, and follow the trail to the left.
    • Follow this trail until you reach Celcius.


  • You will need to bribe him with:
    • 1x 1 Carot Diamond
    • 50x Flame Hearts
    • 100,000 Zeny
  • He will then send you to his brother who is located in the airport of the town of Einbroch (@go 19)


  • To get to Vandel the brother of Celcius we head to Einbroch (@go 19), and then immediately go north into the warp.
    • This will warp us into the airport
    • Once in the airport there will be a warp to your right and left up a small flight of stairs.
      • Use either one



  • Once up stairs go to the north west corner of the room to find the brother


  • He will ask you for a few items to forge into the Drooping Dragon Helm
    • 10x Golden MVP Coins
    • 1x Carnium
    • 20x Well Dried Bones
    • 100x Blue Bijou
    • 100x Green Bijou
    • 100x Red Bijou
    • 100x Yellow Bijou
    • 100x Dragon Horn
    • 1000x Dragon Canine
  • Once done you will get the Drooping Dragon Skull Helm


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