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Team Fortress

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Hey everyone,

We have now added a small Team Fortress event that offers team vs team battleground style gameplay.
So here are a few things about the Game:

1. Players registers at the Fortress Register NPC in the town of Prontera (185, 214) (@go 0)

  • PS: Use /where to find your current location in the game


2. Once minimum players requirements met (At least 2 per team (4 in total)), Team Fortress will start..

3. Players will be teamed up randomly..

4. A fort is located at the center of the map, each team must break the Fort.. ( just like WOE )

5. Team who holds the fort until the end of the battleground will win.. ( just like WOE )

(NOTE: If you don't own the fort, the Fort will defend itself.. Yes, it will damage players around the fort if you don't own it )


Additional info:

1. Both teams have mini-forts, it will allow them to regenerate for some amount of HP/SP over time. But if you go to your enemy's mini-fort, Be warry, you will die..

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