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Updates for 04-10-2019

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Hey everyone, We have a lot in this weeks updates. We hope you enjoy all the hard work we are putting into this server to make it as enjoyable as we can for you. So lets get started with the updates!

What we have fixed:

  • Angra Manyu was giving way too much Base attack and MATK after the bug that caused me to re-enter all custom items.
    • So angra now gives the correct attack. (Will be twice as less of attack power) (went from 8.5k -> 3.5k)
  • Ahura Mahzda has been nerfed to further balance the server. This item was improperly added a few weeks ago during a error we had to fix. So this item has been fixed close to the way it used to be.
    • More information about the changes can be read here: 
  • Premium Buffer will give buffs out for a cheaper price if you have VIP status active.
    • Premium Buffer regular price is 10mill 
    • Premium Buffer VIP price is 1mill
  • Bounty boards in Prontera (@go 0) have been moved to the right side of the street (1-20, 21- 50, 41-70, and 61-100)
  • All banker npc's in Prontera (@go 0) have been placed in the top left corner of the middle circle of the town.
  • The missing Kafra NPC's have been fixed and placed in all towns so you all may save your save points in towns.
  • Daily Rewards are back, but there will be a hold on VIP rewards for a little while until we determine that the rewarder is fully functional.
    • VIP rewards will come next month if everything works fine
    • Daily rewards will automatically be collected every day in game (every 24 hours)
    • You must be logged in for at least 30 minutes to collect reward
    • Only 1 PC can get daily rewards per day.
      • Daily rewards are given only after staying in game for at least 30 minutes
      • So if you have multiple accounts, then you will have to choose which to get daily rewards on, or use another computer to get daily rewards with other alt accounts.
      • All items are account bound so they cannot be sold to other players.
      • Buffs are given for a daily login streak. (3 or more daily logins)
  • Monster Arena has been temporarily removed from Prontera.
    • This will come back once we fix a small bug in the script that was making people invisible in game with no way to unhide.
    • If you are trapped in the hidden world, just contact a GM to help fix the problem.
  • MVP Coin exchanger will now offer Bag of Credits for 100 MVP coins instead of 200 MVP coins.

What we have added:

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