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Ahura Mahzda Fix / Nerf

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Hey everyone,

I am saddened to tell you all that another item has been re-entered wrong when I had to re-enter the items a few weeks ago. That item is Ahura Mahzda. I did not know it was giving you all godly type defense. There is no challenge anywhere with that item lol. So we will be nerfing this item a bit. Close to the way it used to be.

Changes are:

  • The defense given will go from 10,000 --> 20
    • This was an absurd amount of defense that was being given. Sorry / Not sorry
  • Bonus mdef will go from 99 --> 30
  • Damage Resistance from Demi Human and Players will go from 10% --> 20%
  • Max HP rate will go from 200% --> 10%
  • Short damage return will stay at 100 for now.

With this Nerf I will continue floating rates for 1 more week.

Hope you all understand that this is to further balance the server for the better 🙂

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