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New Refinement System

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Hey everyone,

We have implemented a new way to refine your items easier.

We have made all the basic ores (oridicon, elunium, phracon, and emveretarcon)

Each have the same refine chance as a regular refiner

Each will refine different items based on their levels

  • Phracon = level 1 items
  • Emveretarcon = Level 2 items
  • Oridecon = Level 3 items
  • Elunium = Level 4 items

All you have to do is:

  • Have the item that you want to refine on. (in equipts)
  • Be standing up
  • Then double click the respective refining mineral.
  • It will ask which item you want to upgrade.
  • Select the item you want.
  • Enjoy your refinement


  • Not all items will be refinable this way (Cash Shop items and some custom items)
  • You will get a warning if you try to refine with a custom item on.
  • You will have to take off all items that do not apply for refinement before you can proceed to refine the items you want.
  • Items CAN BREAK during this refinement process, and you will lose the item if you refine it too high.
    • Do not report that you lost items trying to refine this way because you have been warned.
    • refine at your own risk


  • Use this system with a Whitesmith with job level 70 or more to get the best chance of success while refining.
  • If you want a better chance of success you can also use the regular refiner with enriched elunium / enriched oridicon

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