Hey everyone.  We have been working hard on a TON of new projects to add into the game, and here is one of them. We have released our hourly points script that will automatically reward players 1 Kafra Free Point for every hour they are online. For every 3 consecutive successful hours played (successful = gotten 3 free points) then you will receive 10 extra points as a bonus. These points can be used in the cash shop in exchange for cash points to get those custom items you have always wanted!  So there are some rules to this system to fight off people just trying to afk in game. Sorry that will not work. Here are some things that you need to know: You have to be actively playing for the entire hour to receive points This can be talking with friends in a town Farming Leveling PVP Walking around Pretty much any stimulation to the game. You cannot be idle for more then 5 minutes. Otherwise the timer restarts for your points. Yes you will lose the streak for the bonus 10 points No the time does not pick up from where it left off. Autotraders will not receive points The script checks to see if you are autotrading or not. The timer will not start until autotrade is turned off Regular vending will count. As long as you are actively in the game. This can be chatting, circling, feeding pet, or any other stimulate to the game so it knows you are there. You do not need to be moving for the counter to continue. You just need to be actively in the game.  So lets get to gaming everyone!